There are many good reasons to choose us.

Our outlook is just one.

In 35 years of practice we have supported many people on their life journey, from individuals to entire companies. We have helped both to design secure working practices – and ensure their implementation.

Our clients

Public utilities
Medium-sized companies
Energy companies
Network operators
Family businesses
Doctors and practices

One day we might advise on setting up a small business.

The next we could be shaping international mergers with complex internal relationships.

We might provide consulting on liability issues in a hospital group.

Or help with house purchases or inheritance arrangements.

We specialise in all of these areas.


We offer assistance with establishing and converting companies, real estate purchases and sales, conveyancing, powers of attorney, inheritance contracts, wills and living wills.

Our clients from business and medicine expect in-depth legal understanding and experience. It is important to keep sight of the big picture, especially from a business point of view: and that's what makes our team stand out. It's not just markets that behave in complex ways. The rules that govern them, the legal sphere in which they operate and the risks they face are complicated. Maintaining legal mastery is one aspect to consider. Keeping an eye on the figures is another.

The quality of a partnership agreement might not be obvious when it is signed – but it becomes clear if there is conflict. Or by virtue of the fact that there is no conflict. Whether a project has been comprehensively assessed from a legal point of view, on the other hand, is something that board members and senior managers can see much more rapidly. And how quickly a flexible notary's office acts on large and small projects is something our clients experience on a daily basis.

Our exhibitions with young emerging artists are also an expression of how we see ourselves. These events have created lasting memories for everyone involved, not least because of the organisational ability and intuitive touch of our founding partner, Heike Krafczyk. We are looking forward to continuing the good work.