Our notary Dr. Wolfgang Krafczyk, supported by his experienced notary team, provides advice and draws up contracts in all notarial areas, with a particular focus on real estate law, corporate law and inheritance law. Private individuals and companies turn to Dr. Krafczyk with their personal concerns. Our notary service complements the work of lawyers in transactions requiring notarisation with relevant notarial experience. With his experienced and highly qualified team, he also handles extensive contracts and transactions efficiently, with a client-friendly focus. The extensive of experience of our staff makes a key contribution in this regard.

Issues related to advising, drafting and notarisation

  • Real estate and property purchase agreements
  • Land charges
  • Commercial and association register entries
  • Company purchase agreements
  • Company foundations and conversions
  • Marriage and inheritance contracts
  • Applications for inheritance certificates
  • Wills
  • Foundations and trusts
  • Key generation for the electronic signature of contracts

Dr Wolfgang Krafczyk also notarises bilingually - in English and German.

Your contacts in the notary team

Company law procedures
Land and housing purchases

Erika Ritter

Notary assistant
Company law procedures

Jennie Edelmann

Notary clerk
Powers of attorney, inheritance contracts, wills

Marlene Winter

Legal and notary assistant
Information on notary fees

Notary costs are laid down by law. Under the Federal Code for Notaries, every notary is obliged to charge the fees prescribed by law for their work – no more and no less. The notary’s consultation is included in the certification fee, irrespective of the complexity, the work involved or the number of meetings. The notary fee is based exclusively on the importance and value of the transaction and not on the notary's workload.

The fee system of the German Act on Court Fees and Notary Fees leads, among other things, to the notary carrying out many official activities without receiving a fee that covers the costs. This ensures that any individual can take advantage of notarial advice and contract drafting.